Private Napa Valley Balloon Rides

Private Rides

Have you always wanted to feel like you're flying? In a private Hot Air Balloon charter you can have that feeling. Or if you want a private ride to experience the thrill and spectacular views with that special someone, there is no better experience that an Ride in the Sky. A Balloon ride provides the seclusion and private time that your desire, away from crowds, city noise and gives the most amazing vistas and natural beauty not seen from almost anywhere else in the world with such access.

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Hot Air Ballooning Experiences

  • Romantic Flights

    Whether it's for your first date or date night a private balloon ride will spice up your time with your partner like never before. Not only can you have a private flight with just the two of you for over an hour, it can be done with just you two and the pilot, allowing you maximum privacy while you enjoy each other's company.

  • The Best Proposals

    When you hear of a marriage proposal being done in a restaurant, at home or at a public place, it always seems too inconsequential for such a momentous occasion. You are planning to pledge your life to another, 'until death do you part'. Shouldn't that proposal be made in the most extravagant way possible? With a Hot Air Balloon private charter package you can propose in style, have it recorded and replay it for all your friends and family. Simply the best way to enjoy the moment in style and grandeur by riding the skies and promising your love will never come down from these heights.

  • Wedding Extravaganza

    What do your wedding pictures look like on the ground? Well from the sky, they can look otherworldly. Between the ceremony and dinner, hitch a ride to the best place on earth to take an hour out to enjoy a private moment. Whether you want high-flying pictures, a private moment or a ride to remember with your wedding party, this ride will leave an impression that will last a lifetime; also great for Anniversaries, Birthdays and Graduations.

  • Birthday Treats

    Looking for a way to surprise and delight someone on their birthday? A private ride on a balloon provides a memory that will last a lifetime instead of a gift that may only last a little while. Young or old, almost everyone enjoys the thrill of flying. Have no fear of motion sickness as Balloons travel with air currents and not against them ensuring a quiet and smooth ride. If you already have no problems on airplanes then this ride is even smoother. This birthday present is sure to surprise and amaze with memories to last for many birthdays to come.


No matter your private occasion is, if you need an activity, ride or event to wow and amaze a Hot Air Balloon ride can provide the special something. With natural vistas provide a beautiful backdrop to any proposal or a romantic ride at sunset or sunrise to a boisterous site-seeing ride a ride to the sky provides it all.