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UPS Battery Pack Operation and Maintenance Check

2018/6/7 9:39:31


1. During the operation of the battery pack, a complete record of the operation history should be made regularly, to record relevant data such as battery voltage, current, ambient temperature and recording time. If the individual battery voltage is too low, perform a balanced charge as specified in the instructions. (If the battery pack is used indoors, it is not recommended to place it in a sealed and poor heat dissipation environment)

2.Check the connection terminal every six months. If the connection bar is dirty or the connection is not firm, it may cause the battery to overheat or cause a fire. Severe accidents may be caused.

3.When the battery is in operation, if the battery voltage is abnormal, the surface is damaged (battery slot or cover, crack or deformation) leakage of battery, abnormal battery temperature, should find the reason in a timely manner.

4.The surface of the battery should be cleaned with clean water and cannot be cleaned with organic solvents. It is required to ensure that the battery is used in a dry, clear, and ventilated environment.

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